Man of Steel

Tuesday, May 30, 2006 | 1:50 pm

Here is a YouTube link to the Superman Returns trailer that suitably played before the other current superhero blockbuster X3 this past weekend (doubly-suitable as Supes is directed by Bryan Singer, director of the first two X-Men flicks). Lot more plot points hinted at, so for those of you sitting on the fence you will probably get a strong notion of whether you are going to love it or hate it from this.

I'm still keen, although this one doesn't carry the beautiful weight of the haunting homage that was the teaser trailer.

Mind you, the bullet-to-the-eye snippet is still kind of unnerving, even when it bounces off.

Lego Legend

Leo Carrier
Having spent a few days before Wedding Part-2 in DC with the Aussies visiting the Smithsonian(s), I have to say that this amazing LEGO effort almost exceeds the (non-Lego) model on display at the Air & Space Museum. Wowza! Can anyone confirm if this one actually floats?

This man be master of da bricks!


Friday, May 26, 2006 | 10:53 am

Check out this beautifully rendered musical animation. Stick with it, it gets better as it goes. Of course, it's nothing without a little volume.

They're Not Wrong

Thursday, May 25, 2006 | 4:00 pm

From an Australian online "news" source...
Koala suit no match for breasts

Two topless female protesters have attracted crowds of male admirers outside NSW Parliament in Sydney.

About six students from the National Art School gathered outside Parliament House yesterday to protest against a plan to amalgamate the school with the University of NSW.

Another protest held at the same time outside Parliament by half a dozen anti-logging activists, one of whom was dressed as a koala, failed to attract as much attention as the art students.
Finally, journalism with some honest editorial! Shout out to Uni of NSW, my old engineering Alma Mater.

Married. Again.

I went and married my Gorgeous Wife again last weekend. Gotta be said, it takes a lot of the pressure out of the ceremony when you are already married. "If anyone objects to this union, it's too late!" :)

The joy of this wedding was the week we spent with mates and friends from Australia, Wales, Portland and lesser distances, in far flung bars and pubs and restuarants from DC to Norfolk. Frickin' fantastic week.

This though, leads to the post-party depression I am now suffering with (and my work is suffering because of). *Sigh* I blame all you bastards who made it such a great week for me.

More photos to come, but heres a favourite snap of mine from around 2:30am outside Trilogy niteclub on Granby and Main...

I'm holding the camera, not the rose. The rose-bearer is the unluckiest traveler of the week, who took an extra 24 hours to fly here after having an Ibis Crane get swallowed by an engine while accelerating down the Sydney runway, and then got 3 hours out of LAX on the way home before the plane mechanical-ed and returned him to LAX for another 16 hours. Look for Steve on next season's "Lost".

Who Is Red 12?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 | 12:00 pm

In a follow-up to the original Star Wars(1) on DVD post you have to read this great Wired article that speculates on some of the other upcoming SW DVD editions.

Personally, I am now gonna save my money for Star Wars: The All Wampa Edition. But I am sure my readers can come up with some better editions...

(1) See those italics for Star Wars back there? I am sure that's some kind of remnant hangover from the Lucasfilm Legal Department Mind-Wipe I received while working in the license...

The Return of Assassin Han?

Thursday, May 04, 2006 | 4:32 pm

Could it be true? A quote from The Rumour Mill that certainly hits home with my blog's demographic. ;)
So check this out Force fans. This is no joke and we've bent over backwards to confirm it's the real deal. Our very best industry sources have been checking in over the last couple of days - independently, I might add - with word that Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox are finally going to be releasing the original theatrical versions of the Star Wars films on DVD... good old regular DVD... sometime in the second half of this year. You read that right - the original THEATRICAL versions. THIS year. The ones that George Lucas for a time insisted no longer existed. Look for the films to be sold as individual 2-disc sets (there may be a box set as well), and look for the official announcement to come soon, likely in the next week. Don't expect a Blu-ray Disc (or an HD-DVD) version this year however, but still... this is VERY, very cool news indeed. Kudos to Lucasfilm and Fox for finally giving fans of these films what they've been craving on DVD since 1997. Finally, people will have a choice as to which version they want to watch on 5" disc. Awesome news! (5/3/06)

Revisionist History Being Revised?

Red States

Jumpin on the bandwagon for visited states with KL's handy link, and here's all the states I've passed through on the ground...
But add in Mkae's rules, and it reduces to States I've set foot in... well, got out and walked around may be more accurate.
[States I've Set Foot In]