Flashy Orbit

Thursday, November 09, 2006 | 12:39 pm

Continuing my one-post tradition of bringing you probably not-new yet remarkably fun Flash games, I present for your consideration ORBIT. It's a very simple exercise in the attractive laws of planetary bodies, and suits my definition of great Flash games– quick to learn, fast to play, and very 'control' un-intensive (i.e. not lots of key mashing etc).

I leave a window open in the background, and when I need a 1-minute break, I try to beat it. Currently am at level 10, but having no joy whatsoever beating that constellation.

If they could improve anything, I think they need a little marker showing where you have started already. If you send your asteroid off with a little momentum, it moves your mouse away from the starting point, and you can't find it precisely again to fine tune. And this game is all about choosing your starting point.


You Shall Not Pass

Thursday, November 02, 2006 | 12:40 pm

Wired contributing writer, Bruce Schneier wrote a great overview about the recent melee over the PhD student who put up a website that allowed you to generate a fake boarding pass, exposing the security issue you have probably pondered once or twice ever since you started printing your passes online.

This is another classic heavy-handed authority knee-jerk reaction: leap on the symptom, ignore the problem. You can read all about the FBI and other (vote seeking) public official reactions on the guys blog here.

Schneier's article covers some ground concerning the safety measures airlines oppose (any that might cost them), and a surprising fact about why they encouraged identification checks at airport security checkpoints.

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Celebrate Xmas with Great Sci-Fi!

Going with the movie and sci-fi theme the blog has been resurgent on lately, this movie Children Of Men has received great buzz from my mates in Australia (one of whom is appropriately known as 'Buzz'), where it has already released. The US release is xmas day, but we may see a smaller release than the normal H-wood 'blockbuster', so keep your eyes peeled.

The plotline is enticing... one generation from now, women have become infertile and no babies have been born for 18 years. The human race, with no hope for the future, spirals towards extinction. So what would you do to protect one pregnant woman?

Can't wait for Borat tomorrow, and happy birthday Squarepants!