My Office Never Looked That Good!

Friday, July 06, 2007 | 7:41 pm

If you ever doubted that the old Granby Street Decipher building was a pretty cool piece of architecture (for an office), check out the video hosted on this page for a tour of how it looks now as it begins it's new life as a chill-lounge-bar-restuarant called "Sevens", due to open tomorrow (yep, 7/7/07).

At a quick count, I think I inhabited 11 different offices/spaces in that building (and it's leased neighbour space) from '99 till 2005, so there was a few points of recognition along the lines of "I sat there!" or "where'd Ed's office go?" The office walls are all gone now, except a couple of primary spaces, like Warren's old office shown right near the end. In some places, the furniture hasn't changed that much from the art-house San Fran look it had back then.

I'm dead keen to walk through for old times/new times sake, but it will probably make me a little wistful, especially doing it without some of the old mates to reminisce with.

Assuming they'll won't waive cover (is there one?) if I say I work(ed) there, do you suppose the old keyfobs still work...?

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