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Thursday, July 28, 2005 | 9:36 pm

This week I had the following conversation with a gentleman I was trying to introduce myself to at my new place of employment.

Me: "You must be Nick."
Gent: "Rick."
Me: "Rick?"
Gent: "Nick."
Me: "Nick?"
Gent: "Rick?"
Me: "Wha....?"

Besides sounding like a conversation from an episode of Monty Python, he was not taking the piss. He thought my name was Rick, an honest mistake since a gent named Rick started in a position similar to mine this week also. Quite the way to introduce yourself to a senior manager.


At 30/7/05 9:25 am, Blogger Knetik said...

really the odds of that happening had to be astronomical.

Not just the fact that both individuals would have similar sounding names and you being neither of those individuals but for your conversation to be had with someone who was a senior manager as well, like I said Astronomical.

But I leave that to people who are better at Math than me, like David or Derek to work out the odds on that one.

I hope that wasn't one of your DIRECT supervisors


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