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Tuesday, March 06, 2007 | 10:34 am

My 38th birthday last month proved to be full hits. My little drinking night was a hit, my already wedding-night damaged Canon Digital camera took it's final hit, dropped to the tile floor in Havanas, cracking the LCD. One of our guests took a nastier hit on his way home, tripping over the under-construction sidewalk and landing on his mouth (shudder!), and my wife was a huge hit for buying me a 2GHz Intel MacBook.

This was an awesome achievement for her, as it was a surprise to me, and indeed when it comes to techie stuff, I am notoriously hard to buy for as I usually have researched ad-nauseum for exactly what I want. Her reasoning? Getting me a laptop gets me to bed sooner, rather than sitting downstairs on the iMac. Bravo wifey, no wonder I love her so!

With my spanky new MacBook, I am running Windows XP inside an evaluation copy of Parallels, basically as a test for work where our Dev and Design teams are moving towards Mac Pro's (why? because they were evaluated by our traditionally Microsoft IT team as the best bang for the buck - how the world turns). It's pretty sweet, especially with "coherence" whereby each Windows app runs inside its own Mac OS X window, meaning you can switch between them seamlessly. The only thing I run there is some streaming TV video program (shonky Chinese rebroadcast of soccer matches), and IE for some ancient work admin tools.

MacBook Vista

So with this topsy-turvy new world order catching on (the number of people in the last 6 months buying Macs, even to run Windows, has been quite astounding), is it any surprise then that the latest posters advertising Microsoft's new Vista OS features a white MacBook?

Wow indeed.
(Thanks to Engadget, hkkevinc and Lkr721993)

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At 6/3/07 9:42 pm, Blogger Shocho said...

She is a wonderful woman, I always knew that. Congrats! On the wife and the MacBook.

Interesting that you are going with Parallels instead of Boot Camp. Of course, BC is beta software and support is nonexistent.

I have had no luck running EverQuest II or WoW on my Windows side, although everything else runs terrific. Sometimes I do wish for both platforms at once though, I admit it.


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