Putting HD in Perspective

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 | 10:15 pm

I went through the process last year of starting the hunt for a HD television. My RCA tube was showing blacks as blue, and muddy brown-reds in the bottom right corner. I had 42" to spare in my TV cabinet, so I had a yen for some LCD-love. As is my way, I was soon mired in analysis paralysis mousing through hundreds of reviews, consumer ratings, obscure HD blogs and Costco price-compare tools.

To cut the tedium outta the story, in the end I decided that I didn't watch enough HD content to justify the purchase, and too many of the screens looked rough watching SD. The technology has a small amount of maturing left (and maybe a format wr of two with a few new technologies around the corner), but I suppose I just wasn't ready to commit. For xmas, I ended up getting GW a little LCD for the bedroom, which has been a good way to test what they can do at the low price end anyhow..

All this is a roundabout kind of way to introduce this cute little Wired News article by Lore Sjoberg, whose style is sarcasm personified. Enjoy his version of The High-Def FAQK.

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At 21/2/07 10:51 pm, Blogger Shocho said...

Funny stuff. But unfortunately for you, HDTV is awesome. You don't have enough reason to buy it in Norfolk, but here we have all the major networks on HD. The only show I watch that isn't HD is Galactica. It's terrific for sports. But there's no reason to get it in an area that has one or two networks carried. Trust me, I remember. I love it here, though.


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