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Friday, February 02, 2007 | 2:56 pm

Last Sunday, my Gorgeous Wife was en route to Orlando and missed the new Battlestar Galactica episode "Taking a break from all your worries".

She caught it in replay on the hotel PPV system on Monday, and a sent me a couple of text messages during the episode that summarized probably what we were all feeling..

19:07pm: "Ohhh my god... it is Baltar!!!"
19:09pm: "Nevermind."

The intertube debate over who it is certainly is raging... for the moment, I am betting on Gaeta, but as anyone at my poker table will tell you, it's a very weak bet.

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At 2/2/07 11:43 pm, Blogger Shocho said...

I am so mad at 3 because she said, "You!" instead of, "Gaeta!" or "Adama!" or "Kara!" or something more helpful...

At 4/2/07 1:33 am, Anonymous marauder said...


given the way the show has run so far, the debate of who on the cast is also a cylon has no meaning.
I am betting that none of them are cylons. it makes no sense for the existing "human" cast to be identified as one of the final five.

Given the hints and red herrings that have been deliberately placed, the question of what the link between the cylon god and the gods of the colonials is a far more interesting issue than who is a cylon.

what is this destiny that starbuck has is also more interesting than who else is a cylon.

i reckon the final five are the progenitors of the cylons and kara is a spitting image of one of them.

it is also clear to me that baltar's six is merely a reflection of a broken mind.

the next 3 eps are goimg to be boring untl we get to "maelstrom" when the shit will hit the fan.

so say we all

At 12/2/07 2:43 pm, Blogger thisismarcus said...

Great episode. Why is Roslin never under scrutiny as a potential Cylon? We know nothing of her family and half-Cylon "blood" cured her illness... could illness be seen as one of the defining characteristics of Man to be mimicked in the twelve Cylons? Could they trigger it in her?

Excuse the rant but these things have only just occurred to me.

At 13/2/07 10:45 am, Blogger Aussie-Askew said...

Indeed after this weeks episode, it is now clear that 6's Baltar is also the figment of a broken mind. Thats such a fun reversal!


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