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Friday, October 27, 2006 | 11:21 am

BSG Cylons

Been a madhouse at my end, having picked up a new position at the company trying to get two new departments up and running, as well as moving apartment back in September to a condo out of Norfolk, just haven't been a bundle of energy after work lately.

But ManU leading the EPL table and their Champions League group have kept me sane, and some quality TV and movies lately now have forced me out of hibernation! Here's the (old) news I wanted to rave about for a bit..

    Battlestar Galactica – Exodus Part 2
Brilliant episode, one of my favourites so far. They played the "planet-side" arc out just long enough to develop all the characters (including the Cylons), but not too long, as we really want to be them to be back in space with Adama & his titular ship. The Pegasus got it's heroic send-off (a somewhat telegraphed rescue, but still excellently executed effects-wise), and they even threw some wrenches in plot-lines we thought we could see developing in other ways (Kara's daughter). But best of all, they let the episode have a happy ending, and didn't feel the need to add a "Lost" style conclusion with too many unanswered 'hooks'. We got to enjoy the successful mission, the reunion of humanity, and can still look forward to the ramifications of the colonization, which will be raining down like ash on all, but will leave the most bitter taste with Tigh and Starbuck.
    Doctor Who – The Man In The Fireplace
Growing up in Australia, had no choice but to be a Dr Who fan, and although I dipped a trepidatious toe into the first season of the new series, I was pretty unimpressed and never went back until they started playing this season right before Battlestar a few weeks ago. Overall, it has been pretty good. Like this Doctor for his flippant humour in the face of danger (he lives forever, of course he's seen it all before), and it may very well be the first Doctor who has some level of romanticism about him (or maybe I just missed all that as a kid). But this time traveling episode was not only beautifully written and plotted, I even got caught up in the emotion of the ending.

This episode has hooked me for now, and the Gorgeous Wife and I are both penciling it in as a must see series now.

So, to not appear like a complete sci-fi geek, let me just add the following...

    The Departed
Leave your house, get in your car, buy a ticket and see this movie now. One of the best movies I have seen, especially in this genre, for years. Beautifully scripted (with credit to the Asian original, Infernal Affairs), magnificently executed, and one of the most talent-filled casts I have seen for ages. And the point about that cast is every single one of them is in top form. From the leads (Jack playing it 'not nice', and I'm not a Leonardo fan, but he and Damon are both pitch-perfect here), to the bit players (Wahlberg and Baldwin's interactions are hilarious) and the atmosphere held through the whole movie makes the near 3 hours fly by.

Some people didn't seem to like the ending, but it just made it a better movie (and less Hollywood standard) for me. Great stuff.

Looking forward to Nov 17 and the new Bond, which has one of the best trailers I have seen for Bond for years. Check it out here. Anyone see The Prestige? I am intrigued, and love the director, Chris Nolan. Leave me your comments on that one...

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At 28/10/06 9:57 am, Blogger Shocho said...

LOVED The Prestige. You'll want to see again after seeing it the first time. Clever, well acted, excellent production values, Top 100 for me.

Still haven't seen The Departed, but everybody says it's good...

At 19/1/07 7:58 am, Blogger thisismarcus said...

All those films are on my to-see list.

Props to The GIRL In The Fireplace... one of the best episodes of re-vamped series. If you liked that, check out The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances two-parter from the first series: it's by the same writer and it won a Hugo.

At 19/1/07 4:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a note (and this is really geeking out, but...) The Doctor does NOT live forever. It has been noted that Gallifreyans have 12 reincarnations (see "The Five Doctors" from Peter Davison's tenure, in which The Master is on his 13th incarnation and the Council offers him a chance to start fresh {never mentioned before or after} if he would assist the Doctor with the dilemna of the hour.


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