Standby.... Standby....

Friday, September 08, 2006 | 11:45 am

The [sarcasm] delightful Dell [/sarcasm] brick I use at work has a number of quirky Windows-isms I have not managed to get used to, due to me being a known Mac-o-phant. For example, the completely random amount of time it takes to wake from sleep/hibernate, including the 1 in 5 times it decides not to wake at all. Sleepy those Dells.

Last night, while trying to flee the office, I was forced to read the message that Windows displays when ejecting the laptop from it's cradle:

    "Preparing to standby in order to complete eject."
Tarkin Stands By

WTF? Could they have written a more meaningless psuedo-English message? Sadly, I am sure they have. What was wrong with just "Ejecting..."?

The fact that my Dell is of the exploding battery varieties (making day to day use very exciting) makes this image even better.


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