Monday, September 11, 2006 | 10:33 am

What a shitty day September 11th is. Miserable day for thousands directly affected by the events of 2001, and pretty much the reason (justified or not) that so many local people have to experience heartache as their loved ones in the service spend months a time in the Middle-East. I was here in 2001, and it was stranegly surreal, especially as I had been on the top of the tower only a few years earlier, and then 2 weeks after heading to Wales for a mates wedding, I flew over the WTC site at sunset on the way to an eerily quiet LaGuardia airport. Truly dumbfounding sight.

And on a personal note, Sep 11th is the anniversary of my father's death also, a few years prior to the shared horror of NY. Thus it was already a shitty day that's now even harder to forget.

And of course, it's a bloody Monday to boot.

Whomever you are that have departed, you are all missed.


At 11/9/06 6:53 pm, Anonymous Blue Angel said...

AMEN to that.


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