Just When I Thought I Was Out...

Thursday, August 10, 2006 | 3:25 pm

Somehow last night I got talked into joining an obseqiously long roadtrip today. Destination: GenCon. Gaming geek heaven, and place of few showers.

This is the first time I have visited GenCon in a non-working capacity, and my first time doing GenCon in Indianapolis, so it will be a somewhat different perspective. The real reason is to catch up with some of the old colleagues from The Company, of which there should be 6 or 7 there. Twice as many hours of driving than actually being at the Con though. Daunting.

Dragon magazine circa 1985
Its funny to reflect on my early gaming days back in Oz, when I was a fledgling D&D player (back when you had lots of dice), and to page through the well-read near-mutilated pages of Dragon magazines and see the RPG association's (what were they called again?) inserts for GenCon. With no equivalent in Australia, I thought it was some sort of gaming mecca, and as mythically fantastical as the games I played. Nothing like getting old and working in an industry to blow the gloss off it!

But this trip may help me rediscover a little of that, even though the stars-in-my-eyes kid-gamer has long since dimmed, it will be a fun trip for a fun trips sake. And there's beers with mates, so there's no real downside here.

See you when we get back.


At 11/8/06 11:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google maps gives me 14h24m, so should be a fun road trip. Good luck,


At 12/8/06 11:51 am, Blogger TheGirard said...

have fun!!!

At 15/8/06 11:39 am, Blogger Aussie-Askew said...

Thought you were gonna be their Girard! Just a rumour based on the event listings...

Got homne in almost dead-on 12 hours Mike. We made it out there in more than that, but stopped for the night.


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