Post-World Cup Slow Down

Monday, July 24, 2006 | 11:36 am

All work, much play, no blogging lately. Ridiculous amounts of soccer games in the heat as both my supposedly spring and summer seasons wound down in the same fortnight. 6 games in 11 days... egads! My farmers tan is full strength now.

So until I get to finish a blog redesign to remove the World Cup look and feel, I am indebted to providing this one for Brad so he can get excited about the start of this seasons English Premiership in 4 weeks time... I'd be more excited if Manchester would bloody well sign someone... anyone!

Ladies Premiership Team


At 25/7/06 1:35 pm, Blogger Brad said...


I thought you were an arsenal fan.


At 26/7/06 2:20 pm, Anonymous the evil one said...

I thought Manchester and Arsenal were the same team? Isn't Manchester the city and Arsenal the mascot/nickname?

- Enrique


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