A Worthy Display

Sunday, June 18, 2006 | 2:28 pm

Cahill Leaps a Roberto Carlos tackle A gutsy and unintimidated Australia today had the look of a team that deserves to be in the second round, with just a lack of lethality in front of goal costing them chances that might have forced a deserved draw. They matched the Brazilians with team organization, and much like the USA the day before, outplayed them in terms of effort, but two second half chances (one through the legs of a defender, one a fortutious rebound off the post) saw the underwhelming Samba Boys go through as expected. That sort of display will not get them past Argentina though.

Full credit to Moore and Neil who defended much more sternly than in the Japanese game, and props to Emerton, Cahill, Grella and Sterjovski who were an outstanding midfield that kept Ronaldinho subdued and Kaka as contained as possible. Better yet, we didn't pick up any yellows to players we need Thursday, despite the refs attempt to ensure no 50/50 tackle ever go unpenalized.

Slops to ABC for mispelling Sydney in their captions, and mystifyingly offered Kewell as Australia's only man-of-the-match choice at after he'd been on for 20 minutes, robbing a deserved Brett Emerton.

Anything but a loss will get us past Croatia, and to an unprecedented second round birth. But despite our form today, it will not be a walk in the park. Croatia are hurting for goals, but have a very physical presence. It all comes down to that game. Bravo lads.


At 18/6/06 11:22 pm, Blogger Dave(id) said...

It was a great game from your boys, Kewell man of the match?? How could they? Wasn't Kewell the one that missed an open net? As you said #7 Emerton was the man today, the guy was everywhere, he seemed to win every encounter and was dominate on the right side, especially in the 1st half. Chipperfield need not be out there today though.

I know ABC's coverage is bad when Brooke even yells at them to quit putting up those damn pop up thingies! I swear they think the entire US population has no clue as to what's happening on the pitch.

Croatia game will be a good one.

At 19/6/06 12:17 am, Blogger TheGirard said...

I too hate the popup things and brent musberger and alexi lalas. I don't remember him sucking that much.

I think the refs have been brutal through the whole World Cup.

Yer boy Chipperfield could have done better on the left wing IMO. Overall well played by the Socceroos. I wonder how many goals the Brazilians if Ronaldo wasn't so heavy/looked like me out there.

Alright, that last one wasn't called for, he can still handle the ball like a pro. All this makes me wanna go out on a Tuesday and Thursday and play ball with everyone again....maybe even chickey. I'll even carry a net this time.

At 19/6/06 9:20 am, Blogger Aussie-Askew said...

Yeah, Mikey's right that poor old Ronaldo is taking the brunt of criticism, your past exploits are quickly forgotten! Having said that, Brazil were a step-up when they brought Robinho on. That kid had more legs than most their team had shown.

I love the way they pop-up the graphic (same one they have popped up 5 times already this game, like what it takes for the US to get through) and then the commentator reads it out to you also.


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