X-Ray Rated Sex

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 | 11:35 am

All in the name of science, someone finally managed to convince people to have sex in an MRI machine so they could track the positioning of organs during the act. It's a very interesting read you can check out here (finally, porn pictures that are safe for work!), and make sure you follow the link to the related article talking about what another study found out by taking MRIs of the female brain during orgasm.

Yeah, there's a few cheap jokes possible here, like "what about all the pre-med colleg students who had sex in the MRI", or "females have orgasms?", but I'll leave that potentially rich-vein to the commenters.


At 12/4/06 3:31 pm, Blogger Brad said...

I'm surprised there is room in the MRI machine.

At 23/4/06 8:12 pm, Blogger kate said...

omg... talk about HAVING to perform under strange circumstances!! lol


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