Spring Change

Monday, April 17, 2006 | 3:16 pm

Changed up the blog look, and am working on a couple of different header images to break-from-the-template a little, but finding the 600 lines of CSS a little difficult to decipher! I think I'll post what I have now, and some wise web-designer savvy mate can advise me as to the fix for my rounded corners. Give me a few days... in the meantime, can someone tell me why the first paragraph break (see older posts converted to this template below) in every post is not double-spaced? Can't find the p{} element that is controlling that, so I am enforcing the first paragraph tag with an extra break currently. Advice?

So in the meantime, my occasional penchant to actually read the "Terms & Conditions" we get inundated with every time we try to do anything these days (a habit which my wife loves that I do, but simultaneously it infuriates her when I do it!), revealed this gem from a recent sign-up I had with an American Express service:

YES, I want to enroll in the Membership Rewards OptionsĀ® program. My enrollment in this rewards program is fee-free and is subject to the terms and conditions, which will be provided to me after my enrollment."

Hopefully you caught the amazing part there: "after my enrollment". It's like a blank power-of-attorney.
And they wonder why the average person hates lawyers.


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