Wednesday, April 26, 2006 | 3:31 pm

Emergency Sad news for the World-Cup bound Socceroos (yep, thats the nickname of the Australian soccer team). As if being in the same group as the favourites, Brazil isn't bad enough, we've been rocked by two injuries to Aussie players in the EPL this week.

Mark Schwarzer, our #1 keeper, had his cheek broken in Middlesbrough's weekend FA Cup loss, and Timmy Cahill has suffered knee-ligament damage in a boredom match with Birmingham. Schwarzer is out for 4 weeks, which means he may appear, but not with much game fitness. Cahill on the other hand is looking at 6 weeks on the sideline. Disastrous.

How I have waited to finally get to watch Cahill threading midfield balls to Kewell who crosses to Viduka... it may not be a reality now. I know there is precious little of my blog-audience that understand what I'm talkin' about, let alone cares. But still I exclaim: "Bugger!"

The saving grace here is that for this to be our best ever World Cup showing ever, our target is low. Score a goal, or grab a point. Preferably both.


At 27/4/06 11:59 pm, Blogger Tom said...

Kewell has had a nice year...nobody there scored a ton of goals, but he had his share and when he played well really added something...but losing Cahill will hurt to be sure.

At 29/4/06 4:15 am, Blogger TheGirard said...

What the hell were they doing in the Eastern Plaguelands?

At 30/4/06 12:58 pm, Blogger Aussie-Askew said...

Girard: I must have put in the wrong link! ;)
Tommy: Not as much as England losing Rooney though!


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