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Tuesday, March 28, 2006 | 1:16 pm

Lots of cred to mate Mkae's Soon To Be Classics who drew my attention to the little Superman montage video that centres the Year of Superman page.

That music, those scenes carry some strong memories. I watched George Reeve for years as a kid, and was all caught up in the mythology of his death when I heard snippets about it at school (thought he could fly etc). [img]

Mkae made the comment about that final scene in the montage, the one he says was criticized for "breaking the fourth wall" (the invisible wall between the audience and the stage, where suspension of disbelief is maintained). That triggered a very strong family memory of seeing the movie in the theatre when I was 9. Mum and dad and my then 6 year old sister were at the Village Cinema in Parramatta (a little unusual since most of the family movie occasions I can recall where at the drive-in movies—just simpler to not have to worry about the kids making noise when they are locked up in the car!).

In that final scene I was getting ready to leave, not really paying attention, when my sister burst into tears. Through blubbering breaths she explained to my perplexed parents that it was because "Superman smiled at me". God, what a great memory to uncover.

The only other family movie memory I have clearly that I think predates that is E.T.. I distinctly remember going to tears when you see ET lying all white and near-death by the sewer drains.

Personally, I am a little apprehensive about the upcoming Superman Returns movie only because of it having a new Superman face. But the high-def trailer gives me chills. It is beautifully put together, from the haunting trumpet score over the Kent letterbox, through the Brando-esque voice-over, and to the almost reverential depiction of iconic scenes, including the great silhouette of the world's most recognizable his cow-lick.

I suppose, I am older and more cynical than that 9 year old kid who watched a man fly, and god knows my sister is less likely to cry this time. But I am going to try and give it the benefit of the doubt when I go to see it, because I think Superman has earned it.

Speaking of heroes, I am loving the Batman Begins soundtrack. Another Hans Zimmer success. Orchestral moodiness at it's best.


At 2/4/06 7:49 am, Blogger Mkae said...

What a great memory. I was probably 12 when I saw that and I remember it vividly. It was the payoff for staying to the end and marvelling at the imagery of Reeve in the suit, flying above the Earth. I really hope the new film doesn't attempt this because it'll come off cheap.

At 3/4/06 9:32 am, Anonymous Nick Askew said...

I hadn't shed a tear since the scene you mention in E.T., that was until the final few scenes of A.I. - and I'm 33, forgot how good it was to get so emotional over something so silly!


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