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Monday, February 06, 2006 | 1:01 am

Watched the Superbowl tonight, at a little-shindig organized by Hollywoood, and excessively catered by Square-Pants whose mini-dogs in pastry were exquisite (but whom couldn't give the mushrooms away - it was a football game, after all). Game was won by a team with the lamest sports-logo ever. One well done commercial amongst a pretty-lean bunch was a beer ad (what else?) where the crowd holds up cards forming the beer. Carlton's Big Ad

But if you think that was good, this is bloody fantastic, and hilarious to boot. You need a little volume for this one, cause the sound track (sung to the tune of O Fortuna— for the classically inept amongst us, think of the iconic music from the Excalibur movie) is half the fun. It's for an Aussie beer, called Carlton Draught. For your viewing pleasure, I give you:  The Big Ad.

With credit to my mum for sending me the link (how cool is a mum who sends you links to beer commercials, and recommends you blog them!).

And what was with Seahawks disallowed TD? What a crock.


At 6/2/06 9:33 am, Blogger Kathy said...

Oh, Aussie...

O Fortuna isn't really from Excalibur. It's from Karl Orff's Carmina Burana, one of the most interesting choral works of its time. It is unfortunately overused in commercial endeavors, which makes it overly familiar and mundane.

Anyone curious about some slightly more quirky "classical" music should pick up a CD of Carmina Burana and give it a listen. It's good from beginning to end and fun to listen to.

This public service brought to you by my otherwise useless classical performance degree. Please resume your normal life. :)

At 6/2/06 6:11 pm, Blogger Aussie-Askew said...

How little faith OperaLady has in me! I know exactly which opera it's from, that was why I said "heathen" (for those who don't know what o Fortuna represented!).

This could be the only piece of classical music I know so well, because I spent three weeks trying to find it on CD after watching Excalibur sometime in the late 80s. Being unable to read the freeze-framed credits on video tape and a 28-inch TV, I instead had to visit lots of music stores humming the tune to blithely-unaware teenage shop-assitants until I found it!

At 7/2/06 11:36 am, Blogger erika said...

The mushrooms were good when they were fresh out of the oven, I promise!

At 9/2/06 2:23 pm, Blogger Candace said...

That's one of the best ads I've ever seen! I hate most ads. (ironic, since that's what I got my degree in) Mind if I link it? Looks like that's the beer company's link, yes?

The subtitles are helpful, too, LOL!

Wow - Carmina Burana. We played a piece from that in band in high school. :oP

At 10/2/06 7:58 am, Anonymous marauder said...


I see that this is another nail in the coffin in your drift to the darkside. Since when did you ever like Gridiron?
I seem to recall a discussion many moon ago before your trip to the darkside, regarding how gridiron lacked flow, how ridiculos it was to have 3 dedicated sets of personnel for one football team, etc, etc...

next you will be singing the praises of US beer

At 12/2/06 9:53 pm, Blogger Aussie-Askew said...

Oh marauader, why you gotta be like that? Them's fighting words! :)

Party attendees will probably attest to me somewhat lacking in love for American Football, but you can't comment critically on a sport you don't actually understand. That's the kind of ignorance I get when talking about cricket. :-D And not sure where exactly I "sang its praises"!

Actually, it was a party - and who refuses an invite to a party!
Well, lots of people, but not I! Especially one catered like that!!


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