Memories of Star Wars, helicopters, and Agnetha

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 | 12:23 am

thisismarcus made a keen-eyed comment on my last post when he stated:
1983 though? That's pre-compact disc!

Possibly confirming Aussies rarely-admitted strong mental ties to our monarchically-inclined predecessors, I actually had the same thought when I typed that post. Originally I typed the first year I received a CD: 1990 (my 21st birthday ~ quite the surprise that my friends got me CDs when my parents had only just given me my first CD player that same day. Parents are sneaky that way!) ABBAs Agnetha

I then realized my browsing habits were indeed set back with LP covers! The year I quoted (which was wrong - my research now shows it should have been 1984) was the year of my first album: Icehouse's "Sidewalk". You need only check out the cover to confirm its 1980's heritage!

But tonight, trying to have a break from a ridiculous work week that keeps extending well into the AM, I thought again about this comment from the re-patriated Pom, and realized that the fascination with album covers was a habit gleaned from idle afternoons my sister and I spent with my parent's LP collection. I think I recall Helen Reddy, Alison Durbin, Elvis Presley and Neil Diamond, but I have very strng memories of these LP covers:

  • Abba (can't remember the album, but it showed them getting out of the old-style pontoon equipped helicopter on the back. And I was in love with Agnetha, the blonde, although I do recall her being pigeon-toed? Odd.)
  • My dear father's original Star Wars soundtrack double album. Wow.
  • The musical verison of War of the Worlds! Own the CD's even now. "The chances of anything coming from Mars..."

So perhaps I should have listed somewhere around 1977?


At 26/1/06 11:06 am, Blogger Joe 'de bold said...

I miss the full size, LP album covers. For me a record store was like an art gallery. I'll probably blog on that in more detail sometime soon.

At 7/2/06 10:54 pm, Blogger TheGirard said...

what is an album?

At 27/12/06 8:11 pm, Anonymous Paul said...

An album is a collection of recorded musical tracks. I too miss the large covers. The Abba album referred to was almost certainly the 1976 release "Arrival". And if Abba's Agnetha really was pigeon-toed, then there were an awful lot of pigeon fanciers around!


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