Had The Balls To Win (but what about next time?)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005 | 12:13 am

[Snip Snip] When we win back the Ashes, you shouldn't expect this level of reaction. Now if the Socceroos win the World Cup (that's soccer my friends) next year... then we'll talk.

Here's some other various oddities and infoties to kick off The Silly Season...

  • Those crazy Italians and their coffin girls.
  • How to have sex with a chair, courtesy of an Icelandic stage hypnotist.
  • Ever wondered what a meteor coming to earth really looks like?

    And props to the new release of Firefox, version 1.5. Stable, fast and some improved menu functions (like a menu shortcut to open a new Mail message). I am actually using a third-party build optimized for the G5 chipset, called Deer Park to avoid icon/name copyright issues, although it stills runs as the application called Firefox. Apparently the original name of the Firefox project was Deer Park. Lightning quick for page rendering on my beloved iMac. Info on that, as well as a G4-chip optimization found here.

    Late addition: Oooohhhhh.... so close! WMV video.


    At 10/12/05 8:03 pm, Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

    Well, for a start he was Welsh so it should come as no great surprise (and no loss to continuation of the species either).

    Brazil, Croatia and Japan eh? Tough crowd.


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