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Saturday, September 10, 2005 | 1:29 am

[Weather Concerns]
Look to Warney lads. And pray for sun.
The Poms (Aussie slang for 'Englishmen') have worked out an almost foolproof three-pronged marketing campaign that has, in the space of a month, pushed cricket to the top of the most watched and talked about pastime in all of the sports-mad British Isles. Here's how they did it:
  • Take the most famous series in all of cricket, and host the most exciting and closely matched test series for a half-century. And then balance nearly every game on a knife-edge, driving us mad with nerves till the very last day/wicket/ball.
  • As if the titanic struggle on the pitch is not enough, throw the unreliable English weather in as a factor that may very well be the fateful hand that guides this outcome.
  • Ensure your national soccer team is playing like arse, and blame the manager.

    My prediction for the all-important Fifth? The legend, Warney, will be the key (it's not a pitch for pacemen, although a soggy ball favours no man [now there's a quote]), and the English will feel threatened enough in their second innings that they will start to bat for a rain-assisted draw.

    Hard to explain why to all the Yanks, but trust me, this is nailbiting stuff. And two islands (one big, one crowded) will grind to a nervous standstill this weekend with one eye on the tele, and one on the English skies.


    At 10/9/05 6:49 pm, Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

    Ok, then why did your guys go for the bad light yesterday?

    At 10/9/05 11:17 pm, Blogger Aussie-Askew said...

    Because at that stage, wickets were worth more than runs. We know we must bat only once, and demoralize the opposition with a 600+ total then have at you for a day and a session. A la 1991/2 at The Oval.

    To do that, we can't throw away any wickets in failing light.

    At 11/9/05 1:00 pm, Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

    Ah well, today screwed that theory over. I guess they had to bat on for any hope of achieving a result, but it rather backfired on them.

    Also interesting to see 2 slow left armers on after only 4 overs?

    How many will appeal for political asylum if they lose the Ashes (and England can still balls it up)???

    At 11/9/05 9:57 pm, Blogger Aussie-Askew said...

    Yep. Sixty overs "gloomoed out" was more than they could afford to lose...

    All uphill now, with McGrath and Warney carrying the weight on their shoulders if any result can be garnered. It would need to be wondrous.

    And did they just finish the Amercian Dad episode with Crowded House?

    At 12/9/05 7:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ashes to ashes !!


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