For The Love Of God, Stop.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005 | 9:19 pm

  • Car manufacturers: For the love of God, stop with the "employee discount" sales pitch. The only manufacturer who has not tried that is Sachsenring. Your 'discount' reputation hangs by a thread, with a small lead over Haynes Furniture.
  • Geico: For the love of God, stop telling us you saved motorists an average of 15% last year. We get it. We are sorry that these savings resulted in you no longer being able to spend money on a second peice of market research.
  • Smokers: For the love of god, stop throwing your used butts out of your car window. You don't want to dirty up the inside of your car, so throwing them out the window seems like a logical solution? You don't even bother to put them out first. May a million butts be ground out on your perineum.
  • [god smite]
  • Americans: For the love of God, stop voting for teen idols, best dancers, who to stay in the house, who to leave the island, what song to play on the 80s marathon, who someone's dad should marry, or for anything broadcast on Fox. How about we try voting for your President instead. (I know, I know - maybe when it is held by text message).
  • Pat Robertson: For the love of God, stop praying for political favours. Like freeing up another space on the Supreme Court. Or for the election of a candidiate who suits your tax breaks. We realized long ago that it has nothing to do with religion. Well, some of us did.
  • Cartoon Network: For the love of God, stop moving Family Guy reruns to the same time slot as The Daily Show. All my worthwhile comedies should not have to fall in the same half hour.
  • E! Entertainment Channel: For the love of God, just stop. Stop everything. Stop it now.

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