And We Crawled

Saturday, August 20, 2005 | 8:47 am

[cocktail logo]Last weekend a small crowd of us had a blast trying to manage a Granby Street pub crawl. The lofty goal was 10 bars, at least one drin kat each, and no drink twice. We ran outta time for the ten bars, and the details have been expertly captured by Squarepants and the fastidious quote collector, but I did capture a few snaps for any interested parties.

My how Granby Street has changed since I was here backpacking in 1998. I stayed for one week in the hotel that is now The Clarion, and from 5pm each night it was nothing but tumbleweeds up and down Granby St. No bars anywhere but Waterside, no restuarants, no life. Now you can't spit without hitting a three licensed establishments, four valet parkers and a bunch of girls in life-threateningly high heels. What a difference a "Mall" makes.


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