That was the long weekend, that was.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 | 12:38 am

American Independence Day has come and gone, and it was a most enjoyable long weekend—even for those of us for which all weekends are long!

For one thing, my gorgeous wife and I had 4 whole days together where socializing and couch-time expertly mingled for more time together than we've had since Pensacola. Friday night began the weekend gently, respecting the schedule ahead of us with a few drinks at Wonder Bar, including getting to catch up with the long-lost Eric & Lisa.

Saturday we picked up Aussie-mate Kieran and headed to Lynnhaven to catch War Of The Worlds with Mike and Renee. Definitely a movie worth seeing on the big screen, with some of the most intense suspense/action I have seen onscreen in a while. Indeed, two of our viewing party apparently had nightmares that night. The ending is somewhat rapid, and unfortunately tinged with too many spoonfulls of "trite." We finished the night with the three of us back at our place for some great conversation over wine and vodka ice-teas. And no topic was taboo—exceeding even my normal standards of no-subtlety. [Tom dips]
Tom fishes for the surprise

Anna's front seat view.

Sunday morn we relaxed, in preparation for the afternoon at Mike and Renee's traditional 4th of July bash. Every year Mike promises it will be a smaller party than last time, and every year it gets bigger. This year they went for the catering option to avoid the cooking lark, so food was at its regular high-standard (especially the desserts in which I massively over-indulged), but Renee had much more time to get drunk. Personally, I made it into an international drinking event, celebrating with sangria and Corona, and chatting to the very varied selection of mixed-American heritages represented: Indians (the New Delhi type), a German recently ex-Sydney, and everyone's favourite asian in red who was in rare form!. Had a blast.

Monday, we joined a selection of the ever-expanding ex-Decipher-crew at Sandbridge Beach for a few hours of rays and one wave (how the Atlantic shelf spoils the fun for body-surfers!), before whipping back to Tom and Kathy's for hamburgers, and Joe's very-own Radiocative Velveeta Surprise (now with an extra spoon!). The highlight event of the day (besides Anna in a swim suit of course) was mu-mu Kathy taking the cats for a walk. Mews just wanted to explore, in whatever direction Kathy wasn't going, while Tosca spent his her time telling everyone at the BBQ how much he she didn't like them. Priceless.

Once home Monday night, in relaxation mode and slouching on the couch after our sun-soaked exertions, we received a most unexpected bonus—the best view of fireworks I've probably ever had. The launching barge was located in the bay directly outside the window we look through from the couch. Awesome.

Seems that for once, the fireworks on our couch were literal rather than figurative. ;)


At 6/7/05 7:23 am, Blogger Shocho said...

Nice report. Muse and Tosca are both female, though, and I'm sure Tosca would say, "Hsssst!" :)

At 6/7/05 11:52 am, Blogger Dave(id) said...

Caught War of the Worlds myself and must say the suspense was there but I sighed after the whole Tim Robbins/basement thing, I knew it was downhill from there. The first half really had me going. The ending was one of the worst I've seen in a while.

At 6/7/05 12:52 pm, Blogger thisismarcus said...

I need to give you a drumroll and cymbal splash for that punchline. Nice!


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