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Thursday, July 07, 2005 | 1:59 am

Spending an hour cruising the blogs of mates brought forward the following random musings, that may or may not be related to anything I read, but are sitting close enough to the top of my mind that they must be expelled by a brain-movement...
  • My excuse to go to Paris in 2012 is now an excuse to go to London. Since my wife and I already have a few excuses for London, I kind of had my heart set on Paris but congrats to the Poms on a great victory! But before I get too carried away, boy did you get mauled by the All-Blacks (men who have a scary dance, but not as scary as this advice).
  • My "Hersheys" branded magic-shell (that chocolate syrup that goes hard on ice-cream) is 10 seconds less efficient than Cheddars. I presume that the key chemical(s) added are to keep it liquid at RTP, rather than something to make it go solid when cold?
  • There's not enough boobs on late night American television.
  • Job interviews are still stressfull, but much less so than the last 'cold' one I did, about 13 years ago. But I think today showed that I'm pretty good at them. Now I'm wrestling with the thought that perhaps the interview me is more impressive than the real me? Time will tell on both counts.
  • Interviewing for a real company reminded my how miserable it must be for those precious few still stuck at my previous company (which is currently on life-support but with questionable health insurance). My heart goes out to (and only to) my friends there.
  • No matter how hard I search, there is apparently no website justifying that my Tostitos, cheese, muffins, grapes, chocolate biscuits and ice-cream constituted a healthy nights eating.
  • Having to think about something as basic as health insurance as part of your employment package just doesn't seem right in a first-world country.
  • Americans: To stop the heated discussions, please read this. Yes, I know an Englishman is kind of complicit here, but still, would following a world standard or two really kill you?
  • My eternally-travelling wife didn't "call-in" from her current port-of-call for about 36 hours, and I got panicky enough to check with the hotel that she had checked in ok. I must still be hopelessly in love.
  • Avoiding sporting-scores while waiting for the TV replay is a pain in the arse. This (coming) morning, 2am, is the deciding game 3 of the most ferociously competed Rugby League Series in the world—The State Of Origin. A yearly three-game Rugby League series between New South Wales (Blues) and Queensland (Maroons). Can't give you any links for fear of catching the score (played yesterday, Australian time).
  • I hate banks. But they deserve a full rant later.
Time for the Rugby. No calls please!


At 7/7/05 12:38 pm, Blogger Dave(id) said...

•"Dancing in a way that would cause someone else to lust would fall under this guideline."
-Thank the Lord that my dancing does not cause a lusty reaction. It's more of an adverse reaction.

•"The interview me and the real me" is to be expected I think. If you're hired than they'll realize 6 months too late their mistake, by then it's too much effort to hire again. :-)

•I finally have Fox Soccer, yet to see a rugby game, but did see the cricket highlights where the English ?pitcher? threw the ball at the Australian ?batter? after the play. Nice to see how quickly apologetic he was for doing it, if it was baseball it would have been a huge brawl.

At 7/7/05 12:48 pm, Blogger thisismarcus said...

Dave: the terminology you need is "bowler" and "batsman". Soccer is good (I imagine the Fox coverage includes televised brawling) but if you're looking for daft sports, skip cricket: darts and snooker are much more athletic!

At 7/7/05 2:19 pm, Blogger Dave(id) said...

I did actually see darts highlights, amazing stuff. Funny, but an old roommate and I got way too into darts during a 3 month stint of unemployment. I thought I was pretty good til I saw these fellows.
Snooker?? Heard of it, but wouldn't know if I saw it.

At 7/7/05 10:46 pm, Blogger Aussie-Askew said...

Excellently prescient Dave -- I am due to post the rules to cricket in an upcoming blog. You'll laugh.

Note also that if the bowler hits the batsmen with his actual delivery ('bowl'), that's all good and fine. That's what helmets are for, and you are supposed to get out of the way. It is considered porr form though to bowl a 'beamer' -- a delivery at the batsmen's head on the full (since most deliveries are supposed to boucne first).

But all this "slap-and-dash" one day cricket is all just a warm-up to one of the oldest Test Series in cricket - England v Australia -- 5 x 5-day tests held every two years - for "The Ashes". And for the first time in a long while (Aussies have dominated for about 20 years) it is looking very close....

At 8/7/05 12:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry everyone but cricket is a no no subject "down under" at present!!!appauling effort last night.....AA's Mum (sob!!)

At 11/7/05 2:13 pm, Blogger Aussie-Askew said...

But they are back now with a win over the weekend! It's all about the Ashes: Ponting's new lease of form, and perhaps Brett Lee in the Test squad?

All gobbligoook to my US mates I'm sure. ;)

At 11/7/05 6:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like Brett Lee will get the nod after a 5 wicket haul...good stuff....I look forward to his performance tonight...woo hoo!!!


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