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Wednesday, July 20, 2005 | 11:20 am

In my last week of relaxation before I start work again, the following thoughts temporarily activated dormant synapses this morning as I wandered down to the local Provisions store for milk, trying to soak up the final days...

  • It's bloody hot. Not so bad today, but the east coast has been saturated with 90-110F (32-43C) temps for weeks. Punctuated by an excellent lightning show most nights, and a small downpour that cools nothing, and adds 20 percent to the existing 93% humidity, resulting in total humidity levels only Squarepants could understand.
  • With the first point in mind, I love the sound of cicadas now permating the neighbourhood.
  • With the first point in mind, I hate the fact that my building has two broken elevators out of two. The move from floor 3 to floor 6 brought many benefits, like a great view and the chance to live with a great woman. But tomorrow, when I bring her and her airport luggage home, it's gonna suck.
  • I will miss the crew from The Old Company, even though I will be working with three of them, and be near enough to a few others, it won't be the same again. I'll definitely miss the Man of Cheese. Here's one of the last photos.
  • Damned if I could remember what Yerka Mig looked like, but Japanese SWCCG cards are still cool.
  • Streaming internet radio through iTunes straight to your lounge room stereo is awesome. Currently, I am munching on the "Groove Salald" ambient channel. Mmmmm.  [ Mannequin ]
  • I forgot to tell my wife about The Mannequin. Curses. Those at Moes who said I should leave myself a message were right.
  • Soccer is a fickle mistress. Five days after the goal of my life, I crunched my penalty against the keeper's feet, (in fact, our team failed to convert a single one after a 4-4 draw) and we got dumped out of the OTSL tournament. Frankly, it was too bloody hot anyhow.
  • The Ashes cricket series starts tomorrow. Here's hoping Australia win at Lords within 4 days, as I won't have regular internet access from within my training course next Monday. Even Fox Soccer Channel gave me 5 minutes of Ashes coverage last night, but if they keep pronouncing "McGrath" as if the "th" isn't silent, I'll go spare.


    At 20/7/05 2:55 pm, Blogger thisismarcus said...

    Can you send me the URL or whatever of Groove Salald (sic)? Ta.

    At 20/7/05 4:14 pm, Blogger Aussie-Askew said...

    Open your iTunes.
    Select Radio, then Ambient category.
    There it is!

    At 21/7/05 8:09 am, Blogger Shocho said...

    Thanks very much for the Last Photo. Who's the woman on the right? Where's my Photoshop? :)


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